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What the heck is a Kritajna and how it can change your life forever

Sanskrit. The mother of all languages. It’s funky, ever mysterious phonetics tantalize my vocal cords. Kritajna, the subject of this post, is another word that lives up to the enigmatic Sanskrit persona. So what does it mean? Kritajna means gratitude. The word (krita) means cultivated, and the root (jna) refers to a state of consciousness. Therefore, Kritajna illuminates a state of consciousness that is chosen or created.

So why the heck do I care about intentionally chosen states of consciousness? More specifically, what the crap is so special about consciously chosen states of gratitude? Well, I’m glad you asked my friend… Prepare to be enlightened.

The attitude of gratitude is fundamentally key for creators. And don’t quickly write this off because you just thought to yourself that you aren’t a ‘creator’. If you’ve just decided this doesn’t apply to you because you see creativity as something that only artists and musicians are good at, then that would make you the opposite of a creator – a competitor. Everyone is either one or the other. Creator’s and competitor’s seek the same thing, to enhance their lives so that they may exist in their fullest potential. The difference between the two is a creator seeks enhancement by bettering the lives of those around them. A competitor will enhance their lives by taking from or harming those around them in order to get ahead. Still think you aren’t a creator? I’m certainly not implying that one or other other is better or worse. The practice described below can be cultivated by either. However, when we send positive vibes out that is what we receive back and same goes for the opposite. So it’s up to you. Give that which you wish to receive.

We are all striving for more each day. “I’m going to be a better me today than I was yesterday.” This simple notion, that we seek to expand into a better, more useful being is our reason for existence. There is a non-tangible substance that lives at the core of every cell of matter and beyond. It is ever expanding and it wants you to have all the resources you need to become the ultimate you.

So in closing, what does all this have to do with kritajna aka gratitude? Because when we hold the attitude of gratitude in the forefront of our minds we are in a position to communicate through a channel that speaks directly to this non-tangible wish granting genie.

Don’t believe me? Give it a try. While remaining in a state of gratitude ask the Universe for something that you want, hopefully with the intention of becoming a better person who can help others evolve as a result of receiving what you asked for. Ask from the state of gratitude, never for one second doubt the manifestation of your request and think about it like it’s already yours. Like you know that you know that you know what you asked for is already on its way.

Do this as many times as it takes until you receive what you asked for and when it comes, let me know about it here in the comments section.

Happy thanking!

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