Overwhelmed with Emotions

Why are some days more emotional than others? One day you’re crying because you saw a little girl giggling and smiling as she ate an ice cream cone and another you couldn’t budge a tear even if you witnessed a military officer return home to surprise loved one’s. Why are we more sensitive at certain times and cold as stone others?

I just watched a video on Facebook about a nonprofit that finds foster parents for pets of deployed military members. And being that today is a more emotional day for me, I teared up immediately and pressed play. When the pet owner was returned to their dog after a year, the emotional reunion had me bawling like a baby! So why does this happen? We get caught off guard with our feelings. Just scrolling through Facebook, pressing play on a random video, next thing you know there’s not enough Kleenex in the world to dry the sea.

Know that where ever you are in the moment that invokes tears, it is the perfect recipe. Your heart is ready to cry, so don’t hold back and let it out. Release what’s ready to leave you. Our perfectly Divine and serendipitous Universe gave me exactly what was needed to open the floodgates. It wasn’t about the video, or the over zealous dog that could’t get enough licks on her owner’s face. It was about me being aware of my emotional state at the very moment tears came. And it was my choice to be present in the moment of opportunity or depart the emotions and stuff them back down. I chose to release which led me to share my experience with all of you.



It’s been twenty-four hours since I established this work in progress. I have been thinking vigorously on the question, what’s the point? Why do I want to open up my world to other’s?

I’d like to set an intention for the future of this baby that I am so carefully crafting.

My intention is to manifest my gifts of creation.

I live a life of very insightful but very fleeting epiphany’s. I want to share my thoughts, my journey and the ever so many interests that come and go rapidly. Even if only for my own future keepsake one day.

So, here ya have it folks! My blog. My life. My memory’s. My perspective.

Hang on cause it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

Blogging is Hard

So here I am, making another attempt to improve the quality of my life. I’ve decided to start a blog. Why? For lots of reasons. To document my journey, to hopefully reach others who are looking for inspiration, to prove that the road to success is not paved with gold. It’s hard to challenge fears. And opening up my feelings and thoughts to the world is a huge fear for me. I gently remind myself that I am human after all.